Blackhead Remover, Ochine Electric Multifunction Facial Pore Cleaner Skin Vacuum Acne Comedone Extractor Machine Peeling Acne Remover Comedo Suction Pore Extraction (5)

Product Price:$38.99
  • Multi-Function rechargeable blackhead remover: Provides 4 removable probes with the different shape hole to meet different needs; easily clean up the blackhead and acne, remove dirt grease inside pores, reduce dead skin and fine lines, massage and tighten the skin.
  • Adjustable suction force: 3 available suction level to suck the target pore dirty, suitable for different skin types
  • Easy to operation: One click design, LED indicator, easy to operate; 3 different speed button and switch button are in 1 button. Easy to adjust.
  • Portable design: You can charge the pore cleanser machine anywhere with usb cable, portable for home or travel use.
  • Attention: Please use the low level suction at the first use, and move it slowly. Don't let it stay in one place for too long to avoid leaving the red bruises. It's recommended to ice your face in case there are the red bruises. Use it regularly can improve your skin texture, brighten your skin color, boost the metabolism and regeneration.

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